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Compassionate Anesthesia

Sweet Dreams is a CRNA owned and operated anesthesia group that was founded in 2005, designed to fulfill the shortcomings of many ineffective anesthesia service models. Sweet Dreams founders set out to become leaders in the anesthesia industry.

Providing a safe and effective anesthetic is where we begin. Not only do we provide the absolute best customer service to our surgeons, surgery centers, office-based centers, and hospitals but we give our anesthesia providers the option to participate on the business side of the company. This rare opportunity, allows us to recruit the absolute best practitioners, and gives our providers ownership and a willingness to be 100% engaged in our culture of customer service.

This exceptional business model has produced exponential growth and continues to make Sweet Dreams a leader in the anesthesia service industry.

“We have always dreamed of an innovative force of united CRNAs that provide real solutions to the anesthesia challenges in healthcare. Our commitment is that we attract and retain the best anesthesia providers and give our customers the best possible service.” – Founders

Our Community of Companions

Nikki Paulk

I joined the team of Sweet Dreams Nurse Anesthesia as I was enthused by the rapid growth of the company throughout the United States. The owners, CRNAs themselves, are "boots on the ground", working in staffing to maintain excellent anesthesia skills. They also serve as leaders to the anesthesia team, while supporting the facilities as "guests in the houses". We serve three groups: patients, facilities, and the Physicians/ CRNAs within our organization. Our strategic goals: to be a leader in cutting edge anesthesia services with the ultimate goal of being one of the largest anesthesia companies in the United States.

Jannine Deraney

I see this company as a place where our anesthesia practitioners have pride, passion, and the freedom to give the best of themselves. When we all stand in giving the best of ourselves and living in a culture of excellence, our customers and especially our patients really thrive. We are experiencing a critical point with humanity with the opioid crisis and we as anesthesia providers know we can be cause in the matter of providing solutions when we give our best.

Bonnie Matura
Compliance Officer

As Compliance Officer of Sweet Dreams I am working to ensure that SD is complying with regulations and that our employees are complying with our Compliance Program. I enjoy doing this work because I know that having an effective Compliance Program means that we can provide the best service to our clients and they can trust that we are in compliance with the regulations.

Theresa Floyd
Executive Administrator

It is my honor to be regarded as the core of support to such excellent and diverse anesthesia providers. Sweet Dreams was a small group of twenty when I joined their team but this dynamic anesthesia group has now grown to over 100 people. I am most passionate about being of service to our clients, patients, and anesthesia providers. Although I have a wide range of duties, scheduling and credentialing are my top priority. It is imperative to honor contracts with our providers and meet the needs of our facilities with excellence in staffing. I diligently work with facilities and anesthesia providers to make sure credentials are facilitated easily and there are no gaps in coverage.

Kevin Duff

SDNA has given me the opportunity to make a difference in my community by allowing me to practice to my best potential utilizing the complete scope of practice of a CRNA. SDNA provides patients with safe and effective regional anesthetic techniques to optimize their surgical experience, as well as a holistic approach to chronic pain management.

Kacie Oglesby
Client Representative

I take pride in working with a group of professionals that serve with a passion for anesthesia and compassion for their patients. The expression “it takes a village” depicts our company in a nutshell. I am thankful to be part of a team that continuously strives to provide the “ultimate service” both clinically and administratively.

Bill Kreschollek

For the first time in my career, I have complete autonomy to practice anesthesia in a truly patient-centered model. Working with a CRNA owned and operated practice means interacting with colleagues at all levels, without the exclusionary culture of a physician-owned or hospital based setting. Sweet Dreams has allowed me to realize the true potential of nurse anesthesia!

Mary McWilliams

Having been a patient myself, I know what a vulnerable time it is to have anesthesia. I pride myself in being a guardian to those undergoing surgery and I love to do a great job.

Jason Cannady

What I love about working with SDNA is performing these incredible acute post-operative pain blocks that often really enable patients to be pain free 48-72 hours post-operative from surgery. That’s a big deal because research shows that physical dependence occurs after only one week of taking opioids. We often find that people are only using half pain pills prescribed. We can get them over the major hump of pain and then they take Tylenol.

Anna Evans

Sweet Dreams is exceptional because of its people. We are compassionate specialists, always eager with a warm smile, a gentle touch, and a calming word. We are erudite experts, delivering cutting-edge anesthetics personally customized to each patient's needs. We are the elite of our profession, always going the extra mile to be everything you need us to be - every patient, every case, every time. I consider it both an honor and a privilege to be able to practice alongside the outstanding men and women of Sweet Dreams, Inc.!

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Georgia Hospital Association

Texas Organization of Rural & Community Hospitals

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American Association of Nurse Anesthetists

Georgia Association of Nurse Anesthetists

American Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine

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