Redefining service…by truly serving. About Us

Sweet Dreams is a CRNA owned and operated anesthesia group that was founded in 2005.  With a business model designed to fulfill the shortcomings of the many ineffective anesthesia service models witnessed throughout their training, Sweet Dreams founders set out to become leaders in the anesthesia industry on several fronts. We recognized that of all the customers we had, the surgeons were overlooked and in many cases ignored despite the fact that they were the most important link in the chain of customer service and business success.Providing a safe and effective anesthetic is where we begin. Not only do we provide the absolute best customer service to our surgeons, surgery centers and hospitals, but we give our anesthesia providers the option to participate on the business side of the company. This rare opportunity, allows us to recruit the absolute best practitioners, and gives our providers ownership and a willingness to be 100% engaged in our culture of customer service. This exceptional business model has produced exponential growth and continues to make Sweet Dreams a leader in the anesthesia service industry.