We want our CRNAs to have the ability to exercise their full scope of practice.

Depending on who you work for, you may not be able to even push your own drugs. At Sweet Dreams you will have the ability to do everything you desire within your scope of practice. This includes everything from IV sedation, ultrasound guided regional anesthesia, obstetrics and even pain management.

Additional benefits of working with Sweet Dreams.

Enjoy the opportunity to grow professionally in a welcoming and supportive environment. We have a full spectrum of clinical sites with different demands, enabling you to keep all your skills up to date and current. We provide extremely competitive salaries with the opportunity to benefit from the business side of anesthesia through our “Marketing Program”. This program has no ceiling and is determined by your efforts in helping grow the company. If you are interested in more details on how you can benefit from business side of anesthesia, contact us today!

  • Unlimited Marketing Program that will pay you for the life of the contracts you help bring in!
  • If marketing is not your strength, we have a great deal of resources to help you expand your Marketing Program.
  • Put your network to work for you TODAY! Let us tell you how!

Sweet Dreams creates a collegial work environment for CRNAs and MDAs.

Sweet Dreams promotes a collaborative and supportive environment where our anesthesia providers work towards a common goal of delivering the absolute best anesthesia service possible. We consider all our providers equally as essential in enabling us to meets the needs of our customers.