Enjoy the financial benefits of joining a larger organization. It’s a sweet deal.
Enhanced financial performance

Billing is the life force of an anesthesia business. The efficiency and accuracy of the billing process is essential to remaining competitive in healthcare. We have dedicated staff that ensures all records are processed correctly the first time, then reconciled. Our billing data analysis monitors several key parameters that enables us to recognize deficiencies, quickly implement solutions, and ultimately excel our financial performance.

Ability to remain compliant

In today’s competitive, heavily regulated markets, starting a business is like walking through a legal minefield. A simple oversight can end up being expensive. Reducing your risks usually requires a very specialized legal team to walk you through the regulations. We have years of experience, in-house and contracted legal council that you can benefit from. In today’s compliance environment, this knowledge and expertise is priceless.

An established and tightly managed Infrastructure.

Infrastructure is the fuel that runs a business. Too much will hurt your bottom line. Not enough will impede your ability to respond to opportunities for growth. A scalable infrastructure optimizes business value. Our human resource managers and administrative staff will handle all the logistics to run an efficient anesthesia department for your current contracts.

Are you ready to benefit from the business side of anesthesia?
Anesthesia providers

As anesthesia providers, nobody gets more face-to-face time with the surgeons. This gives you a great opportunity to develop relationships and make connections. These relationships can place you in a good position for marketing our services. We have a marketing program that you can participate in to earn passive income. The income can become quite significant and our marketing program follows all Federal and State regulatory guidelines for compliance.