Surgical Centers

Exceeding your expectations in all areas of support is where we begin.

No more headaches dealing with your anesthesia providers. Rest assured, those days are over.

Sweet Dreams Anesthesia has a 10-year track record of partnering with surgery centers of all specialties and helping them become successful. Different specialties have different requirements and needs. We effortlessly cover all surgical specialties and come in to your center with the mentality of an invited guest and customize your anesthesia service specific to your center’s needs.

Orthopedic patients undergoing painful procedures need flawless pain management with minimal use of opioids. We have highly skilled anesthesia providers proficient in regional anesthesia. Completing your surgery schedule in the most efficient manner is dependent of the success of our regional blocks placed for postoperative pain and we are consistently near 100% success.

GI centers require practitioners knowledgeable in the use of short acting anesthetics that enable a quick, uncomplicated recovery. We will provide you with local anesthesia providers tailored specifically to your facilities needs ensuring the success of your surgery center.

What does Sweet Dreams bring to your surgery center?

  • Reduce the amount of narcotics at your center
  • Minimal to no cost anesthesia service
  • Our business model helps us recruit the most clinically skilled and well-mannered accommodating practitioners in your market area.
  • Orthopedics has always been our forte. We have nearly a 100% success rate with regional blocks of all kinds and can implement a post-operative pain program at your facility.
  • Ample Anesthesia Staffing adjusted the night before, ensures the efficiency of your center’s surgery schedule.
  • Site manager to assist your center with daily needs. They function as our liaison and are immediately available to serve you.