Opioid White Pages

Kacie Oglesby posted on October 24, 2017

Opioid narcotics. Prescription opioids. Prescription pills. Narcotics. Pills.

The terms change, the chemical substances change, but this class of medication was the mainstay for treatment of pain in the last century.  Surgery, back pain, inflammatory disease… throw narcotic opioids at the pain until it goes away or becomes tolerable.  If the pain is not alleviated or tolerated… add more narcotics.  That was then… this is now…

The treatment of acute perioperative pain can set the tenor for a patient’s entire recovery process… whether that process is merely a few days, or persists through months of recovery and rehabilitation.  Providing patients with realistic expectations, providing multi-modal approaches to pain management, applying the most current regional anesthetic techniques, and invested partnership with surgeons allow Sweet Dreams Nurse Anesthesia to set patients on a course that does not merely rely on the antiquated philosophy of throwing opioid narcotics at pain.

The old adage: “if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail” can be applied to the problem  of narcotic opioids.  But just as this idiom highlights the folly of using one tool to approach every challenge, such is the problem of applying narcotics to every source of pain and discomfort.  At Sweet Dreams Nurse Anesthesia, we utilize a multi-modal approach… we employ different classifications of medications, to treat pain in its many manifestations, and from its many sources.  Drugs such as potent anti-inflammatories, Alpha agonists, GABA modulating agents, and local anesthetics that block conduction of painful stimulus for hours…. sometimes days.

Sweet Dreams anesthetists believe that treating postoperative pain begins BEFORE the procedure.  Communicating with the patient, the family, the surgeon, and all the ancillary staff the rationale and importance of using a multimodal approach has been shown time and again to improve patient outcomes.  In one of our South Georgia orthopedic ambulatory surgery centers, use of local anesthetic regional blocks have seen an enormous reduction of overall opioid consumption.  This means our patients are less exposed to the side effects, complications, and  habit forming components of opioid narcotic therapy that was the “mainstay of pain management” in the last century.


Sweet Dreams Nurse Anesthesia… optimizing multimodal and regional anesthetic techniques to break the cycle of opioid narcotic monotherapy of the last century.  Contemporary. Expert. Effective!